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Welcome to Mountainous Marshmallows !

Hello ! My name is Ureb Arif. I was born on the 17th of November 1994, which means I am 19 years old now. I have got my mom and dad in the house . Then I have got 3 siblings. I'm mostly close with my sisters, as I don't have any brothers. However, I do love my parent too and make the most of it whenever I am with them.

I have been living and studying in Karachi administration society  since 2008.It is a neat and clean place with all modern amenities. My father is a businessman as he trades auto parts and motorcycle accessories locally and internationally 
Some interests I have got are; reading books, watching movies, and interacting with new people on social networks. I love to read books  because books can always be true friends. They never demand neither do they complain. This is the way I look upon books. Mostly I read novels and autobiographies. Currently I am reading a novel called "The Case of exploding mangoes".
Moving on to favourite movies; The reluctant fundamentalist , Crank, The Internship, Avengers,The Expendables etc.. Basically the list can go on and on I keep myself up to date with the latest movies.

I love to Write on different topics and Take photographs too and this is what this blog is about.
I have been writing blogs since 2011 and that is the reason why my  college grade sucked.
In 2013 i had a break but now i am back at writing in 2014 due to the motivation of people around me and of-course my readers all around the world.

Last but not the least i would be looking forward for  your feedback and criticism and thanks for stalking Mountainous marshmallows.

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    1. Thanks, I hope I won't dissatisfie you :)

  2. hey its sOo good.. i didnt know this side of yours ;) MNQ

  3. Aww. <3 Some stuff is so worth being 'stalked' *_* -Secret Admirer
    P.s No usually I don't stalk ANYONE but.. xD

    1. Keep that a secret otherwise you'll loose the charm :) anonymous is a good name

    2. Keep that a secret otherwise you'll loose the charm :) anonymous is a good name

    3. I'm still an anonymous, heina? �� and you're so full of your admirers scampering around you, that you probably wouldn't be to know me ^.^