Know Nothing but life

Life is peculiar. It tests you. It doesn't give you a chance to carry on a considerable Life is peculiar. It tests you. It doesn't give you a chance to carry on a considerable measure of cheerful minutes in a string. Joy isn't an unending circle. There is no stop, there is no sine wave as well. There is an altogether different chart. An alternative diagram for every one of us.

Actually, you are going to meet a considerable measure of fake companions, a damnation parcel of affection you which mean nothing are going to be traded (Suppose they did mean something at that point), there are going to be festivities and moves and sweet tunes which may neglect to change over into recollections. You will get blazed sooner or later or the other. You and only you will need to clean the fiery remains. No powder plate will come at salvage.

Same time there would be some great companions, some real cherish, some little festivals, insane moves and way out of note tunes. That is what is life for. The cinders don't make a difference. The smolders get mended and leave a scar. A scar that will advise you that you survived. You lived and you lived well.

"Fallen level on my can a million times however haven't taken in a thing." she said. 

You had the valor to get up and attempt once more. You're fearless. You are living. That is what matters.

Life was never about not getting blazed. It's not about being a phoenix. It’s about being YOU. Being this being who doesn't surrender, who touches off, who shimmers and who doesn't utilize extravagant words to portray it yet just feels it, lives it. (Ok, that would be me, I know NO extravagant words.)

In the event that you get blazed, don't stress you'll mend.

You'll recuperate my companion.

Life is wonderful!

BTW I'm a water type Pokémon and I know nothing.

I was to portray me for the most part tragic story I would have types like 500 words quickly however now that I'm attempting to concentrate on glad I am truly not certain. So, give me a chance to impart to you 5 lines I have confidence in.

          Life is excellent.

          Supernatural things become out of far-fetched beginnings.

          Everything that you see, listen, read, feel or reach has sway on you which is constantly more noteworthy than zero.

          It's about the statures you reach, as well as the way you comprehend the profundity.

          Grin, in light of the fact that that is the thing that makes the world somewhat brighter.