Life is simply a fantasty, wouldn't you be able to carry on with this dream life?

Payphone sucks!

I think I'd be right where I am, but ridiculously rich and thin and with a giant old house. Rich enough to have

a maid, rich enough so I could spend my days doing exactly what I want, from tweeting, to reading, to

shopping for clothes and shoes and furniture. I would eat whatever I wanted and not gain any weight, I

would have perfect hair every day because I would have a stylist on call.

Then at night I would make dinner for my family because I wouldn't want to be out of touch with the

common folk.

I would be 50 pounds lighter and firm. 50 pounds lighter and not firm wouldn't be that pleasant. I would

likely still be asleep, having been up all night with Johnny Depp and his pirate costume. I would awaken to

the soft sounds of some 70's Elton John or 80's hair band music. My day would be spent reading, having a

pedicure and conversing with people who don't want me to do something for them and yet can't define what

it is they want (which is what I do all day long).I would have a driver take me everywhere I needed to go

and have my own traffic lane where the other idiots could not drive. I would live at the beach in the winter

and the mountains in the summer. And the Atlanta Braves would win the World Series, Alabama Crimson

Tide would be National Champs (again) and Green Bay would win the Super Bowl with Brett Favre as

quarterback. Oh, and I would have front row tickets to The Masters golf tournament every year to keep self happy.

what about you ?

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