I've been back for very nearly 6 months now and I end up stagnating in the same groove I was in the recent past.  So much is stewing out of sight however nothing worth bringing to the table yet.  My non-existent persistence is continuously put through a genuine test, and I may be coming up short. 

One day this will all bode well. 

In any case i'll be very foolish, however maybe people will see better why. 

I abhor that individuals take a gander at me and see a frail individual.  They don't know that it is so difficult to be like this. They see an individual without desire yet I have kept with it most importantly else. 

Meanwhile I end up gazing at a jug of water all the time.  That it has kept up this long is a demonstration of my self control, weak as it may be.  What matters most is that it is stronger than my persistence right now.  That may not generally be the situation. 

One day I will recount my story.  I will yell it out to any individual who will tune in.  I will set the record straight, regardless of the possibility that simply as an inscription.  reality will be known. 

Yet not tonight. 

Today I think my self discipline will take a secondary lounge.

THE LIFE OF LEISURE, or Will something hurry up and happen

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