Amrood-e-fied. (Gawa-e-fied)

Its said that a picture says a thousand words a slightly disagree, the word count is unlimited !
Hanging out with friends or sleeping at our head dancer house, both are part of happiness to my life.
The uncertain plan to go for picnic after partying about 8 hours made me lucky to take one of my most loving photographs. In this photograph a man is selling gawa (amrood) at 9:am in the morning .. isn't that beautiful.. the gawas the leafs and that kalla namaak its just amazing !
I am loving it !
Its all worth it.Anarchy is the solution.Trust me I am an amrood wala !

Reverberation Peace

Making it clear that i strictly oppose when it comes to slaughter animals for eating. Lets not even mention what we do to cows and goats, how would you like it if I filled seasoned meat into your gut and made sausages out of it, to be remembered is that don’t be proud and vain, tomorrow you’ll be lying six foot under feet, on top will grow grass that goats and sheep will eat.

You Mountain Goats climb harder when the going gets tough

Terrorists have two eyes. Goats have two eyes. Coincidence? I think not.

I'll steal you flowers from the cemetery, red roses.

Its an undenied fact that Red roses symbolize love but my belive is that its the perception of a person that how he thinks about things, positively or negatively.
Being positive,i took this beautiful snap of this wild flower roaming around the mohatta Palace, a very beautiful place in fact a treasure of karachi sadly still undiscovered by many.