Dairy Milk

Dairy milk bubbly advertised  through billboards and banners all over the city with contrasting violet lights colour theme gives an awesome view at the street of Al hamraa Society.

A new beginning - Street Photogaphy

It started when i was going with a friend to purchase some stuff and eventually i realized the beauty in the streets of Karachi, at that moment i realized that i should take pictures to capture the beauty in my camera.
The time feeling frustrated that why doing this ? why always i am attracted towards taking random photographs at streets why!

That day after returning home, i didn't slept and my mind was working at 512 KB Ram speed.

Next day i decided  to find what is my passion and what should i do with the force that is attracting me towards this photography and i started taking some random click's at streets  and you wont believe i felt so satisfied and relaxed that i easily finished my psychology assignment without any irritation, in fact first time in my life i actually enjoyed my academic studies.

Next day i started researching about street photography and i found some well known street photography teachers on the web, initially i started learning the tactics and stratagem for being an effective street photographer, attended online  i have developed myself as as a street photographer !workshops and webinars and with the help of my great teachers Alec Soth and Dido Moriarty.

Below are some starting captures that might wont impress you but in future you are all mine.

The place where all started.

A road covered with greenery and a slight look of some roses

An overloaded truck trying to escalate the by-pass.

People hanging there clothes in  there balconies for drying purposes.

Mohatta Palace, Karachi

Street Photogapy- A new beginning by a newbie !