Quietude thought

    Sitting quiet, waiting for someone special to give you attention and hating yourself is the new feeling experience in my dear diary. I remember those days when I was rude, mean and blunt with people. I abused and ignored them much worse then I feel ignored these days. I didn't let them intervene in my conversation. I blocked them frequently like they are pieces of shit but not anymore. I am sorry to all the people I've hurt. All the things I've said. I always thought I don't need to be sorry for what kind of person I am but now that I have realized how much it hurts.

I am sorry and I am sorry everyone, very much.

Know Nothing but life

Life is peculiar. It tests you. It doesn't give you a chance to carry on a considerable Life is peculiar. It tests you. It doesn't give you a chance to carry on a considerable measure of cheerful minutes in a string. Joy isn't an unending circle. There is no stop, there is no sine wave as well. There is an altogether different chart. An alternative diagram for every one of us.

Actually, you are going to meet a considerable measure of fake companions, a damnation parcel of affection you which mean nothing are going to be traded (Suppose they did mean something at that point), there are going to be festivities and moves and sweet tunes which may neglect to change over into recollections. You will get blazed sooner or later or the other. You and only you will need to clean the fiery remains. No powder plate will come at salvage.

Same time there would be some great companions, some real cherish, some little festivals, insane moves and way out of note tunes. That is what is life for. The cinders don't make a difference. The smolders get mended and leave a scar. A scar that will advise you that you survived. You lived and you lived well.

"Fallen level on my can a million times however haven't taken in a thing." she said. 

You had the valor to get up and attempt once more. You're fearless. You are living. That is what matters.

Life was never about not getting blazed. It's not about being a phoenix. It’s about being YOU. Being this being who doesn't surrender, who touches off, who shimmers and who doesn't utilize extravagant words to portray it yet just feels it, lives it. (Ok, that would be me, I know NO extravagant words.)

In the event that you get blazed, don't stress you'll mend.

You'll recuperate my companion.

Life is wonderful!

BTW I'm a water type Pokémon and I know nothing.

I was to portray me for the most part tragic story I would have types like 500 words quickly however now that I'm attempting to concentrate on glad I am truly not certain. So, give me a chance to impart to you 5 lines I have confidence in.

          Life is excellent.

          Supernatural things become out of far-fetched beginnings.

          Everything that you see, listen, read, feel or reach has sway on you which is constantly more noteworthy than zero.

          It's about the statures you reach, as well as the way you comprehend the profundity.

          Grin, in light of the fact that that is the thing that makes the world somewhat brighter.

Being Scorpio

Hey guys its Friday! hope you are all doing good.Results are up but i am not bothered to share them, here is the new blogpost about Scorpios you might find interesting.
Being a Scorpio isn't easy.You need to suffer a lot of difficulties unknowingly for example suddenly you start feel lonely even when in a bunch of friends or you dislike anybody to converse.don't worry you're a Scorpio that happens with us (yes i am a Scorpio too ). being lonely even with lots of people around me i decided to share the most common feeling and traits of Scorpios. its just what i have observed so don't take it personally,some Scorpio's can be exceptional but most of the Scorpios follow these characteristics Scorpios are mostly assumed as the people who hate more than they love but the reality isn't the same they aren't much of a hater. They couldn't care less about their
Scorpios are honest people.a Scorpio will let you know reality, regardless of the possibility that you may not have the capacity to handle it. 
A #Scorpio is an enthusiastic, desirous and profound situated individual. You can't change these qualities and obviously they don't need to either. Scorpios have a HUGE divider up. It requires some serious energy & consideration to get them to cut it down 

Most importantly when dealing with a Scorpio keep in mind that a Scorpio won't approach you for anything unless they completely require you and don't have any method for doing it without your assistance.If you want to help a Scorpio start doing without letting them know

A Scorpio could be extremely understanding & overlooking to their cherished one & in exchange needs sympathy & nothing more. Scorpio's can hold resentment and decline to disregard being wronged by you. 

Scorpio are hot-tempered & frequently marginally egotistical. Nonetheless, they are staunch companions & magnificent sweethearts.Scorpio's can hold resentment and decline to disregard being wronged by you. 

Scorpio's feelings might be emptying now and again, so they require a physical outlet to help discharge them because Scorpio 's have extremes. They utilize that further bolstering there your good fortune when attempting to draw in one 

Additionally,Scorpio needs to withdraw from the world now and again, and simply be on their own. because Scorpio's dislike for anybody to converse with their significant other. They need the significant other all to themselves. 

Monday Eve #selftalk

Here its Monday eve and i am on vacations in account of semester break.Getting along and talking by myself
 Expresses myself within me.
here is my Monday eve self talk

One of my most loved birthday presents was my initial ten-pace bike when I was 10. 

I did it in light of the fact that it must be carried out, it was as basic as that. 
The moon is so excellent when its full, vast and that cool orange color. 

My future incorporates four day work weeks and a complete upgrade of what I think is paramount in life. 

I was enticed by chuckling and paltriness. 

Read, unwind and different exercises are a percentage of the things I get a kick out of the chance to do on an excursion. :) 

I want to feel downpour giving down on me. (sans lightening, obviously) 

Most people are great individuals they have quite recently been pushed into terrible circumstances that they need to battle out of. 

I will do my best...sound commonplace? :) 

I was roused by this persons non-judgmental ways and tolerating of most things identity. 

This time one year from now? Who knows where! 

I am doing the best I can considering the circumstances so show me an a bit of mercy. 

Are the untruths individuals tell positively a falsehood on the off chance that they hold one piece of truth. 

 Consume your most loved nourishment no less than one time a week. Particularly in the event that it makes you cheerful. 

One of the most noticeably bad emotions on the planet is to feel like your always in the center. 

 In the first place thing to note: I have became genuine and controlled with respect to consuming better for me any my youngsters and activity. I genuinely need to do an alternate marathon this fall yet I am not even near being primed. 

Regardless of how hard I attempt, it has been extremely troublesome to discover a strong preoccupation.
Expressing is better than keeping things in your mind which leads you to be your own enemy that's all why i blog !
cheersssss !

Nothing, But you More !

That would be the sound of no one still reading this blog. So sad.  Many things get put on the back burner of life - blogging happens to be one of them for me. I still blog in my head - too bad no one ever hears it!

here's a new blog post hope it grabs attention

                                                           Nothing, But you More !

I get frightened during the evening

since that is the point at which the phantoms turn out.

Cabinets squeak and canals moan,

so I sit here under this new top,

where music dribbles into my open ears like wine through dry lips,

what's more the draperies shroud a world that provides for me goosebumps.

The most recent year has made mountains and shaped foothills,

each one foot of rise a knock in a lengthy, difficult experience:

the sort that is brought me crosswise over state lines and wide frameworks

in any case debilitated by entropy and exoskeletons

what's more I have to rest.

I used to not rest so soundly.

So I'd wash dishes,

listen to pitiful tunes from southern lookers,

searching for solace in green fruit dish cleanser

also discovering only my appearance,

the flicker of my own eyes

got in newly cleaned mixed drink glasses

also my vicinity just felt in tapped toes.

Regardless I don't rest so soundly,

in spite of the fact that its diverse,

if a bit:

in the other room,

In any case I hear songs and still get goosebumps,

be that as it may now the tune the way you wheeze when you go bunk past midnight

also my body feels so broken of late,

wheezes and sniffles, hacks and grumblings

feeling disabled on sunny days and sepulchre bound on stormy ones

a few days

(like today)

I don't feel especially qualified to face the sun, in addition to the day

yet then I'll wash a glass and see your lip prints on it

at that point recollect that they additionally lay imperceptibly on my cheek,

what's more I need to climb like the moon and seize the world

so I can lay it at your feet.

yet until then,

I'm going to toss words on pages,

beg quietly for the soundness of your slumber,

also spare all of you of my strips of ribbon.

Life is simply a fantasty, wouldn't you be able to carry on with this dream life?

Payphone sucks!

I think I'd be right where I am, but ridiculously rich and thin and with a giant old house. Rich enough to have

a maid, rich enough so I could spend my days doing exactly what I want, from tweeting, to reading, to

shopping for clothes and shoes and furniture. I would eat whatever I wanted and not gain any weight, I

would have perfect hair every day because I would have a stylist on call.

Then at night I would make dinner for my family because I wouldn't want to be out of touch with the

common folk.

I would be 50 pounds lighter and firm. 50 pounds lighter and not firm wouldn't be that pleasant. I would

likely still be asleep, having been up all night with Johnny Depp and his pirate costume. I would awaken to

the soft sounds of some 70's Elton John or 80's hair band music. My day would be spent reading, having a

pedicure and conversing with people who don't want me to do something for them and yet can't define what

it is they want (which is what I do all day long).I would have a driver take me everywhere I needed to go

and have my own traffic lane where the other idiots could not drive. I would live at the beach in the winter

and the mountains in the summer. And the Atlanta Braves would win the World Series, Alabama Crimson

Tide would be National Champs (again) and Green Bay would win the Super Bowl with Brett Favre as

quarterback. Oh, and I would have front row tickets to The Masters golf tournament every year to keep self happy.

what about you ?


I've been back for very nearly 6 months now and I end up stagnating in the same groove I was in the recent past.  So much is stewing out of sight however nothing worth bringing to the table yet.  My non-existent persistence is continuously put through a genuine test, and I may be coming up short. 

One day this will all bode well. 

In any case i'll be very foolish, however maybe people will see better why. 

I abhor that individuals take a gander at me and see a frail individual.  They don't know that it is so difficult to be like this. They see an individual without desire yet I have kept with it most importantly else. 

Meanwhile I end up gazing at a jug of water all the time.  That it has kept up this long is a demonstration of my self control, weak as it may be.  What matters most is that it is stronger than my persistence right now.  That may not generally be the situation. 

One day I will recount my story.  I will yell it out to any individual who will tune in.  I will set the record straight, regardless of the possibility that simply as an inscription.  reality will be known. 

Yet not tonight. 

Today I think my self discipline will take a secondary lounge.

THE LIFE OF LEISURE, or Will something hurry up and happen